Monday, April 19, 2010

T-Ball Coach

Yep, I'm coaching again. I love it, Rozalee is my mascot. We had practice tonite and she runs and gets all the bats and balls. It's a blast.

We also got Bear a friend. I was having rottweiler withdraws. I've had rotties since I was in college and Kenny has had them since the early 80's. Rozalee loves the BIG BEAR and Izabella loves the Rocky-the Rottweiler.
I finally got to use my bike this weekend. I put a seat on the back for Rozalee and we went for a 6 mile ride. No one told me that I needed to buy a GOOD seat-OUCH my butt hurt. I went and bought me a foam memory seat:) AHHH much better.
Ok-I have a leg workout for ya-YES IT WILL HURT worse than my Wal-Mart bike seat:0)
4x20 DEEP squats w/ just bar for warm-up
if you don't go deep enough-you start over
4x20 Hack squats
4x20 hamstrings
10 sprints w/ 10 jogs inbetween-NO STOPPING
back to another set of hammys
1x50 calf machine w/ some weight on there
Finish w/ a set of (jogging to the next machine-no stopping-or you start over)
20 squats SEEP
20 hacks
20 leg curls
20 leg extensions
Hell ya that'll do it!!!!!


Mary M said...

Sounds like a plan... I will DO this as MY leg workout today just for Ms. BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the Rottie...can't show David he wants one, but we don't have the land for one!

You sound bright, chipper and happy chica! Good luck with the training!

Miss you!

blyles22 said...

Ms. Bear....Yes...a good seat is key! OMG! U crack me up! Be sure to sit back into it too because you activate your hamstrings more especially if you have cycle shoes that lock into your pedals! You go girl...I have been rotty free since 2004 when my sixth one passed. I still have not gotten over her so now just a tea cup and a bull mastiff....Dont know if I will ever recover from her passing. Have a fantastic Tuesday! Love ya!

Kathy:)! said...

Yay for you Heather! I did the 10 - 1 minute sprints on Monday and nearly puked! But my jeans are looser today! Thanks Girl! You are fabulous!