Monday, April 26, 2010

One of my clients-she got a 96% YAHOOO

Miranda Gregory
English #025

How To Achieve Physical Fitness

When people think of personal fitness they often do not imagine anything more

than physical exercise. In my quest to achieve a healthier lifestyle, I came to realize

quickly that it requires a balance of both body and mind not only to get started but to

maintain the results you will eventually achieve. Foremost, my professional trainer is a

“godsend” who helps me stay focused. There are many steps to achieve physical fitness.

While realizing the ripe age of forty is right around the corner, it occurred to me

after a brisk walk how out of breath I was. Furthermore, while getting out of bed in the

mornings and hearing every bone in my body pop, I am convinced the popping gets

louder with every passing year. My mind set had to be changed, being healthy should be

a way of everyday life.

Welcoming a long, fulfilling journey is a top priority for a single mother with

twin boys. With dreams dancing in my head of having the opportunity to watch my

children grow, they one day might bear their own children. It is imperative they know

their grandmother. With my mind in gear, I must find a personal professional trainer

to help me.

Luck was on my side. Right down the road from my home lives Heather Bear, a

professional personal trainer, who performs “phat camps” all over the United States.

Heather has trained for five years under Two-Time Ms. Olympia. My first meeting with

Heather included discussion about my diet with a quick work-out in her personal gym.

Upon my second work-out there were a series of leg lunges, stomach crunches, and

weight lifting. With my whole body burning it made me wonder if I would make the

walk to the car. The third and fourth visits grew more intense, every muscle in my body

was trembling and Heather was still pushing me for more. I was thoroughly convinced

Heather’s gentle smile was more of a snarl at this point, and she truly hated me. Pain is

now my new best friend, and getting out of bed in the morning is an obstacle. Weeks

have gone by now and the work-outs are getting a little easier, or either Heather has

decided that she does not want to kill me yet. This experience with her is changing

my life for the better, so I am going to invite my sister to start coming with me.

After a quick phone conversation with my sister Sonya, she was also ready

to take the challenge for a healthier life. The thought of her having to drive over an hour

to get to Heather’s gym was already showing me her level of dedication. Our first

session with Heather was still painful, but Sonya survived it. Having my sister as a

partner is amazing; as a result, we encourage one another plus we make fun of each

other. Even though she is now convinced Heather hates her, we look forward to our

weekly work-out. Heather has taught Sonya and me a healthier way of eating; for

example, we have both purchased George Foreman grills to help us when preparing

meals. Tilapia, flounder, cod and steamed vegetables are part of my new diet. We also

have our own treadmills and set of dumb bells in our homes. It is amazing how much

better we feel. Our journey is long, yet our accomplishments go a lot of Heather for her

knowledge in fitness, and always believing in us. She never gives up on us and we

believe in her.

To get ready for physical fitness it takes both your body and mind. Working out with a

friend or family member can help keep a person motivated. Finally, seek out the best

professional personal trainer you can find. Lastly, enjoy this amazing transformation

since you will be astonished on how much better you feel.

I would like to thank my sister Sonya, for being part of this life changing

experience with me. Heather, thank you for helping us change our lives for the better

with out this journey would have never been possible.


Mary M said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Such a small world...I train under Ms. Olympia too!!